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CMOS Batteries With Cross Reference to "Allen Bradley" 
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COMP-4 : 3.6V/950mAh 1/2AA lithium
Our Price: $8.25

CMOS 3.6V/950mAh Lithium Cell  1/2AA Cylinder w/ Standard tip. Cross Ref: TL5101/S Allen Bradley 1770-XZ MINI-PLC-2/16 MINI-PLC-2/17
COMP-6: 3.6V/2100mAh AA Lithium Cylinder Cell
Our Price: $9.60

CMOS Memory battery 14.5x50.5mm. Cross Ref: T06/51 TL5104/S TL5113Allen Bradley: 1770-XY 1770-XYV 1771-DB 1772-LS 1772-LSP 6008-LTV MINI-PLC 2/05 PLC-3 MAP CARD PLC-5/12 PLC-5/15 PLC-5/25 PLC-5/VME
COMP-20: 3.6V/1700mah Tadiran Lithium coin cell
Our Price: $11.58

CMOS Memory Battery. Cross Ref: TL5135/P Allen Bradley1771-HMA PLC-4
COMP-108: 3V/1200mAh Lith w/wire lead
Our Price: $13.25

Cross Reference: B9631T Allen Bradley 1745-B1, A-40840-512-01, For controller # SLC-100, SLC-150
COMP-125: 3.6V/2500 Lithium w/ 9V Snap Terminal
Our Price: $15.00

This cell is Old Style with 9V snap type connector. 3.6V/2500mA. Cross Ref: B9708T Old style for Allen Bradley 1770-XYC PLC-5/11 PLC-5/20 PLC-5/30 PLC-5/40 5PLC-5/60
3V Lithium Battery 3Pin & Clips COMP-109
3V Lithium Battery 3Pin & Clips COMP-109
Our Price: $16.65

CMOS 3volt lithium memory cell w/ PC clip wire lead. Cross Ref: Allen Bradley 1745-BA SLC-5/01 SLC-500 CR14250SE B9650T
COMP-295: For Allen Bradley Cross to 1763-BA
Our Price: $21.59

Fits Allen Bradley 1763-BA
COMP-113: PLC Battery
Our Price: $29.92

New Style 3volt CMOS Memory Battery BR-A w/ wire lead 2 Pin PC connector. Cross Ref: SB9758T Allen Bradley 1770-XYC PLC-5/11 PLC-5/20 PLC-5/30 PLC-5/40 5PLC-5/60
LITH-39: 3.6 Volt PLC Lithium Cell with wire leads & Fast-on connectors
Our Price: $41.58

3.6 Volt lithium cell for PLC: 32.9mm x 61.5mm with wire leads and fast on connectors. Cross Ref: Allen-Bradly 1770-XR 1775-ME4 1775-ME8 1775-MR4 1775-MR8 PLC-3 PLC-3/10PLC Battery AS-5284-001 AS5284001 MA-0147-000 MA-0147-001 MA0147000 MA0147001
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