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PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) batteries are used for the backup process in control applications when power is lost or control memory has to be retained. 
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CR2025: 3V/150mAh Lithium Coin
Our Price: $1.10

20x2.5mm; 5/strip 100/box
CR2032: 3volt/200mAh Lithium Coin Cell Battery
Our Price: $1.10

3V/200mAh Lithium Coin cell 20x3.2mm; 5/strip 100/box
CR2025RH: Coin Cell 3V/140mAh Lithium
Our Price: $1.17

Coin Cell 1.55V/16mAh 5.8x2.7
Our Price: $1.42

CR1216: 3V/25mAh Lithium Coin
Our Price: $1.50

12x1.6mm; 5/strip 100/box
CR1220: 3V/35mAh Lithium Coin
Our Price: $1.50

12x2.0mm; 5/strip 100/box
CR1616: 3V/50mAh Lithium Coin
Our Price: $1.50

16x1.6mm; 5/strip 100/box
CR2430: 3V/270mAh Lithium Coin
Our Price: $1.50

3V/270mAh Lithium Coin 24x3mm; 5/strip 100/box
CR1025: 3V/30mAh Coin Cell Lithium
Our Price: $1.70

Coin cell lithium battery. 10x2.5mmDL1025 ECR1025 Cross reference to Scott P/N 10010227
COMP-32-2vlVL 3V/200mAh
Our Price: $2.75

CR2032 3 volt 200mAh Lithium cell with Vertical 2-Pin PC Mount
BR1225: Coin cell 3V/40mAh Lithium
Our Price: $2.78

OEM Part Numbers Cross Reference: CR1225 E-CR1225 DL1225
CR1225: 3V/40mAh Lithium Coin
Our Price: $2.78

Coin cell lithium battery 12x2.0mm; 5/strip 100/box CR1225 E-CR1225 DL1225
CR2450: 3V/550mAh Lithium Coin
Our Price: $2.96

3V/550mAh Lithium Coin Cell 24x5.0 mm Other mfg references: DL2450 E-CR2450
CR2325: 3V/175mAh Lithium Coin
Our Price: $3.08

Coin cell lithium battery. 23x2.5mm; 5/strip 100/box
BR2330: Coin Cell 3V Lithium 255mAh
Our Price: $3.25

Coin Cell 3V Lithium 255mAh
BR2325: Coin cell 3V Lithium BR
Our Price: $3.45

BR Coin Cell BR2325 UPC: 36640-8 3 volt Lithium
CR2012: 3V/55mAh Lithium Coin
Our Price: $3.50

Coin cell lithium battery 16x3.2mm; 5/strip 100/box CR2012 E-CR2012 DL2012
CR2020: 3V/100mAh Lithium Coin, discontinued
Our Price: $3.50

CR2012 E-CR2012 DL2012 20.2.0mm; 5/strip 100/box
CR2450N: Coin cell 3V/550mAh Lithium
Our Price: $3.58

COMP-32-2vlVL: 3V/200mAh CR2032 with 2-Pin Horizontal PC Mount
Our Price: $3.75

CR2032 3 volt lithium coin cell with 2 Pin Horizontal mounting pins. For PC circuit board mount.
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