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NiCad (nickel cadmium) battery selection for your Emergency Lights and Exit Lights. These NiCad battery packs are assembled to fit and replace the emergency light batteries or the exit light battery that came with your emergency lights.

Exit light and emergency lights with LED lamps are now powered by NiCad replacement batteries commonly offered in 1.2 volt through 4.8 volt and 6 volt nickle cadmium battery cells. Just call us and we will be happy to cross reference your emergency light replacement battery.

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1.2V/1200MAH NiCad Cell: ELB1210N
1.2V/1200MAH NiCad Cell: ELB1210N
List Price: $14.99
Our Price: $2.89
Savings: $12.10


Fits Lithonia ELB-1201N or ELB-1210N also used in fire pull boxes. Cross Ref: 4/5AF D-4/5AF.
850.0061 2.4 volt nicad
Saft/Kaufel NiCD 2.4V/600mAh battery
Our Price: $11.25

Saft/Kaufel NiCD 2.4V/600mAh battery
This is also a replacement for the Lightalarms 850.0061 emergency exit battery
DL012-0822: 2.4V/600mah NiCD Battery Pack
List Price: $23.50
Our Price: $11.25
Savings: $12.25

Dual-Lite Replacement AA NiCad pack for DuaLite Exit lights. Cross Ref: 2KR600AAH49
- Chloride 100003A070: 2.4V/600mAh NiCad battery
Our Price: $12.27

100003A070 NiCad Battery Pack- for Chloride Exit Light
4.8V/800mAh NiCad Rechargeable Battery Day-Brite 06899
Our Price: $14.25

4.8V/800mAh NiCad Rechargeable Battery for Emergency/Exit Light. Replacement equivelent for Day-Brite 06899 battery
ELB4865N Equivelent: 4.8 Volt/650mAh NiCD battery pack
Our Price: $16.43

Replacement NiCD battery for Lithonia Part # ELB0604N This pack is a 2 x 3 stack with wire leads. NOT side by side!
DL012-0894: 4.8V AA size 2 x 2 stacked w/WL & Connector
List Price: $35.00
Our Price: $19.17
Savings: $15.83

DL012-0894 4.8V size 2 x 2 stacked with Wire Lead and Connector. DL012-08940120894
DL0120-790: 4-Cell NiCD Battery Pack Dual-Lite
List Price: $35.00
Our Price: $19.19
Savings: $15.81

Generic Battery replacement for Dual-Lite 12-790: 4.8 Volt/650mAh Ni-CD Battery Pack. 4 AA cell pack. Cross Ref: 0120-790 12-790 0120790
Atlite 24-4009 3.6V/600mAh NiCad Battery Emergency/Exit Light Battery
List Price: $35.00
Our Price: $19.55
Savings: $15.45

NiCD rechargeable battery replacement for Atlight exit light.
Atlite 244009 3.6V/600mAh NiCad Emergency/Exit Light Battery
List Price: $35.00
Our Price: $19.55
Savings: $15.45

AGT Battery Replacement Will be # 24-4009
CXL6VBXT: Day-Brite Light Battery Equivelent Replacement
Our Price: $20.09

Day-Brite light battery equivalent. 4.8V/.700ah NiCD pack with wire leads. This battery comes with the wire leads but does NOT come with the connectors.
Day-Brite Equivalent 4.8V/700AH NiCad Battery
Our Price: $20.84

Daybrite,Day-Brite Equivalent 4.8V/700AH NiCad Battery for emergency exit lights
Emergi-Lite 012745-E Replacement Battery
012-745-E: 1.2V/1200mAh NiCad Battery W/ Pigtail
Our Price: $21.59

Emergi-Lite 012745-E Replacement Battery for emergency light, exit light.
1.2 volt, 1200 mAh NiCad Battery with 6-1/2" wire lead, 2-Pin Connector.
Replacement battery Cross reference: T&B P/N 012745, 012745-E, 012745E, 012745, Used in Emerigi-Lite exit light DXN1R-N, DXN2R-N
LA486WL: 4.8V/600mAh NiCad Battery
Our Price: $22.32

NiCad battery for the At-Lite #24-4008. should also fit 24-4800. AA-600 battery pack It has a Wire Lead plus a connector.
ELB1P201N2: 1.2V NiCad Single Cell w/wire & connectors
Our Price: $23.25

Replacement NiCD battery for Lithonia Part# ELB1P201N2
Atlite 24-4003 6V/600mAh NiCD Battery
List Price: $35.00
Our Price: $23.66
Savings: $11.34

OEM NiCD rechargeable battery replacement for At-Lite exit light. OEM battery part# 24-4003. 6volt / 600mAh battery with wire lead DOES NOTE come with connector.
9.6V/600mah NiCD Battery Pack
Our Price: $24.98

Fit MA-917 Regency 2 Way Walkie
ENB06006: 6V/.6AH NiCad Battery Pack
Our Price: $25.95

Fits: Prescolite Emergency Light replacement battery 6volt 6 amp hours Cross Ref: ENB06006 N1200-4-DWP N1200-4-DWP SAFT Battery# E1875-01-00
100003A047 chloride
Chloride 100003A047: NiCad OEM Battery, discontinued with no substitute
Our Price: $35.63

Chloride OEM battery part number 100003A047
DL0120745: Dual-Lite 6V/2.AH NiCad Pak Generic
List Price: $95.00
Our Price: $47.09
Savings: $47.91

Dual-Lite emergency light replacement battey. 6volt 2 AH NiCD pack with pigtail wirelead.
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