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B&B BP7-12 Replacement Battery: BNBBP7-12: 12V/7.0AH
B&B BP7-12 Replacement Battery: BNBBP7-12: 12V/7.0AH

List Price: $35.00
Our Price: $23.66
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AGT Stock No.: BNBBP7-12

B&B BP7-12 Battery Replacement Battery Depending on the manufacturer this battery will be one of the following: 12V/7.0AH 12V/7.2AH 12V/7.5AH or 12V/8AH Sealed Lead Acid Battery This battery comes with the following connector: F1 Spade Terminal (.187" x .032") Battery Dimensions: 5.95"Lx2.56"Wx3.70"H HOT=3.90" F1 HOT means Height Over Terminal IMPORTANT NOTE: To ensure that this is a direct replacement for your battery please check the dimensions of this battery along with the F1 Connector type. NOTE: Sealed Lead Acid batteries come charged from the factory. Their shelf life is approximately 9 months before use and required recharging. You must make sure that these batteries are always charged; therefore if they sit on your shelf we suggest that you charge them every 2 months. Store at a cool temperature. Higher temps will lead to increased discharge on the shelf. Lead Acid batteries may not recharge if sitting on the shelf too long without a recharge. When installed in their respective pieces of equipment they will then receive a trickle charge. Cross Reference Chart for the 12 Volt 7 Amp Hour Gel Cell Battery B&B BP7-12 F2 Connector Panasonic LCR12V7.2P F2 Connector B&B BP7512T2FR F2 Connector Panasonic LC-R127R2P F2 Connector Dual-Lite 12-621 F2 Connector PM Battery PM1270F2 F2 Connector Eagle Picher HE12V77FR F2 Connector Powersonic PS-1265 F2 Connector Embassy Battery 12126 F2 Connector Powersonic PS-1270 F2 Connector Emergilite 12M9 F2 Connector Universal Battery UB1270FR F2 Connector Helios FB12-7 F2 F2 Connector Universal Battery UB1280F2 F2 Connector Jasco RB1270 F2 Connector Yuasa NP6-12 F2 Connector Ohlin Sales HE12V77FR F2 Connector Yuasa NP7-12 F2 Connector Panasonic LCR12V6.5BP F2 Connector Yuasa NP7-12FR-250 F2 Connector Panasonic LC-RB126R5P F2 Connector Yuasa NP712FR F2 Connector Lead Acid Battery The 12Volt 7 Amp Hour Battery is the same battery used for the Fios battery backup.

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