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NTN8039: Motorola 2.5" HI Activity Swivel Belt Loop

NTN8039: Motorola 2.5" HI Activity Swivel Belt Loop

List Price: $14.50
Our Price: $11.66
Savings: $2.84

AGT Stock No.: NTN8039

Motorola Original NTN8039B: 2.5" HI Activity Swivel Belt Loop. NOTE: The number burnished in the leather is 4205857B08. This is a replacement part for the belt loop only. Fits the following carry cases: NTN8035 NTN8036 HLN9998 HLN9676 HLN9694 HLN9690 NTN5578 NTN5644 NTN8124 NTN7573 NTN8125 NTN7847 NTN8035 NTN8037 NTN8036 NTN8038 NDN4017 NTN8385 NTN8386 NTN8380 NTN8381. Please note that your carry case may have come with part number NTN8040 a 3" belt swivel. Fits:Astro Saber HT750 HT1250 JT1000 LTS2000 MTX MTX838 MTX8000 MTX9000 P1225 HT1000 MT2000 XTS3000 XTS3500 XTS5000 carry cases NOTE: To avoid confusion for ordering purposes the suffix letter after the stock number is not listed.

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